Install Shadow Ubuntu (Linux) beta 18.04


We're proud to offer our official beta version of Shadow for Ubuntu! Because this is a very early beta, we have a unique set of instructions recommended only for advanced users who are confident using Ubuntu or Linux in general. Follow the instructions below to install Shadow on Ubuntu. Before proceeding, confirm your Ubuntu system is in good health and has not received any significant system changes.


Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Classic Version


Warning: This guide may not work on computers with an NVIDIA graphics card.


Prepare packages

  1. Check that the multiverse packages are present in the APT sources list. Add the packages, if necessary.

  2. Update the list of available packages.

    sudo apt-get update

  3. Upgrade the packages updated in step 2.

    sudo apt-get upgrade

  4. Install packages vainfo and libcurl4.

    sudo apt-get install

  5. Add user to the input group.

    sudo adduser [MY ACCOUNT] input

Install Shadow for Ubuntu

  1. Download the Shadow Ubuntu 18.04 beta application from:

  2. Allow the Debian package to run.

    chmod + x shadowbeta.deb

  3. Unzip the package:

    sudo dpkg --unpack Shadowbeta.deb

  4. Start the package installation:

    sudo apt-get install -f

  5. Finally, give full permission on input events.

    sudo chmod 777 / dev / input / event *


You can now launch the Shadow app on Ubuntu.

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