Configuration is not able to work with the video resolution of your Shadow (Error 301)


If your Shadow or your game does not match your computer or monitor's current resolution, or your resolution is not supported, your Shadow may display the following error message:

Error 301: Your configuration does not seem to be able to work with the video resolution of your Shadow. Please try again later or restart your Shadow. 


Depending on the circumstance, you may need to apply one of two solutions:

Change your resolution

From your Shadow, change the resolution so that it matches both your current device and monitor.  This may require you to access your Shadow from a different device. If you're not sure what resolution to use, try decreasing your resolution until the error no longer appears. For more information, see how to set a custom resolution.

Change your game's resolution

If you experienced this issue after launching a game or similar software in Shadow, change the game's resolution manually using the game's configuration file or contact the developer for assistance. 

Should the issue persist, contact Shadow support.

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