Set up my Shadow box


Hey, listen! Setting up the Shadow box is easy and only takes minutes to complete. We recommend using this article if you've just purchased the Box or need a nudge in the right direction. Fortunately, you won't need Navi to assist you on this quest; we've got you covered!


Setting up the Shadow Box

  1. Use an Ethernet cable to connect your box to your router or modem.

  2. Plug in your monitor or TV. The box supports display ports, but you may use the HDMI to Display Port adapter provided, if necessary.

  3. Plug in your mouse and keyboard.
    • Remember to use the two black USB 2.0 ports located at the front of the box.
    • If your mouse and/or keyboard has LEDs, requires special drivers, or supports programmed shortcuts/macros, these must be plugged in the two blue USB 3.0 ports located at the back of the box.

  4. To plug in additional devices, use the blue USB 3.0 ports, located at the back of the box.
    • Additional devices may include other peripherals, such as: Controllers, headphones, microphones, external storage, USB flash drives, and webcams.

  5. Using the power cord provided to you, plug your Shadow box into a power source.

  6. Press the power button to turn on the Shadow box.
    • If successful, the lights on the box should change colors using this specific pattern: Red, blue, green, red, blue, green, then back to red.
    • The box requires 64.9 watts of power.

  7. Log in to Shadow.
    If this is your first time connecting to Shadow, be prepared to set up Windows 10.


Your box is ready to go! Have other questions? To talk to our Shadow users on Discord or email us at

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