Install Shadow on macOS


Shadow lets you experience Windows gaming on your very own macOS 10.10 or newer operating system. (See our minimum requirements).


  1. Download Shadow.

  2. Locate Shadow.dmg. Downloads are usually located in your Downloads folder.

  3. Click and drag Shadow.dmg to the Applications folder.

  4. From the Applications folder, double-click Shadow.dmg.

Tip: Apple has not identified Blade as a developer for macOS or OS X. You may need to allow Shadow to install from your Security & Privacy Settings. For help installing apps from an unidentified developer, see CNET's blog, 3 ways to install apps from unidentified developers on MacOS.

  1. Once Shadow finishes installing, the application searches for updates.

    Shadow will install updates as necessary. Do not turn off your computer or close Shadow until updates are finished.

  2. Once Shadow is installed, log in using your email address and password.

If this is your first time logging in, Shadow will require you to finish setting up Windows 10.

If you find you're unable to log into Shadow, confirm you have received your activation email. Your activation email may be in your spam/junk folder. Once your activation email has been received, you can log into Shadow. Your billing cycle does not start until you've logged in.

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