Resolve issues with my mouse


Although Shadow lets you use virtually any mouse, some mice may require additional care. In this article, we'll cover a few ways to help improve or resolve issues with your mouse. We recommend using this article if your mouse is slow, freezing, lagging, missing, or exhibiting similar behaviors.

Gaming mode

Gaming mode lets you easily transfer your mouse in and out of Shadow. This setting is especially helpful if your mouse feels "stuck" or "missing." To turn gaming mode on or off, refer to the instructions for your operating system below.


Windows Snag_20c872cc.png

Mac Snag_20ca52d6.png

CTRL + WIN + G Option + Command + M
Snag_25db7f12.png Snag_25dc1cb9.png


Install or update drivers

A driver is a piece of software that helps your operating system communicate with your hardware. If Shadow is not detecting your mouse, we recommend installing your drivers on both your local computer and your Shadow desktop. To install the latest drivers for your mouse, refer to your mouse's manufacturer. Many manufacturers let you download drivers directly from their website.

Connect via Ethernet

Wireless gaming is great, but Ethernet cables can reduce latency, which in turn reduces lag on your Shadow. WiFi connections are often unstable and using an Ethernet cable may foster a more positive streaming experience.


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