Can I use Shadow?


Shadow is a high-end gaming PC, but it still needs a little support using your own device and internet connection. In this article, we’ll clarify:


Regions supported

Shadow’s optimal service area covers most of the West Coast, including California, Nevada, and Oregon. If you’re outside of this service area, you may not receive the best experience.


Download speeds

Although Shadow’s service area covers most of the West Coast, we have customers across the United States who are successfully using Shadow. If you’re in our service area, you’ll only need a download speed of 15mbps. 


Operating systems

Shadow supports most major platforms such as Windows, Android, and iOS. We’re currently hosting a beta test for iOS and Ubuntu. For more information, refer to our list of supported operating systems.


Tech specs

In general, we recommend using a device manufactured in 2011/2012 or later. We cannot guarantee any devices or hardware manufactured before 2011 will work with Shadow.


For additional requirements, see our Beginner’s Guide for help.

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  • Hello! i live in sweden and i want to try your service. Is it possibel to use it in sweden?

  • Hello Tobias,
    Shadow is not available in Sweden yet.
    Even if it is possible to connect from Sweden, you will most likely experience an important latency, making Shadow hard to use for gaming.
    Stay tuned on our social media to get the latest expansion news !

  • Hi, do you have any email i can use?

  • Hello Tobias,
    What do you need an email for ?

  • Could I play Fortnite with shadow software in Ireland?

  • Hello Alex,
    You can indeed use Shadow from Ireland, feedback from there are great.
    You just need a stable 15Mb/s internet access.
    However, depending on where you live in Ireland, you could experience a bit of latency if you are far.

  • When will it be available in sweden?

  • Hello Jesper,
    We don't have any precise date to share yet, but Sweden is part of the next countries to get access to Shadow in the near future.

  • Hello.
    I am interested in using the service but I see Israel is not supported.
    Is it possible to buy your service and if so, will it be terrible/ how bad will the lag be if any?
    Also, will the service be available in Israel any time soon?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hello Ofri,
    Shadow is indeed not available in Israel yet, and we didn't run any tests from there so I won't be able to tell you if the service will run well or not.
    You will most certainly experience lag from there so I cannot recommend it to you, nor preventing you from trying though.

  • Ok thank you.
    Will it be available in Israel any time soon if at all?

  • Our goal is to replace every computer in world, so we will eventually get to Israel, but it is not part of the short term road yet.

  • hello,
    is the service supporterd in the netherlands

  • Hi! Does it make sense to try your service from Russia if my ping to London is 60 ms and download speed is over 30 Mbps?

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