Your Shadow is still booting, please wait.


If you got the following message "Your Shadow is still booting, please wait." it means that your Shadow session booting sequence is still running so you need to wait until it is complete. The waiting time can be longer if you shutted down your Shadow in your previous use of it or if a Windows update is running.

If you installed a VPN, a proxy or an antivirus, they may be the reason you're not reaching your Shadow.

If this error is still here after a long time or if you installed one of the softs listed above, please contact the Shadow support through your customer area.


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  • How long can the waiting time be? Mine got stuck on that screen for about 20 minutes without launching so I'm just wondering if its a beta client issue or if there is a massive windows update to do

  • Hello,
    It could be several things. A long Windows update, a client crash etc..
    You can try different thing : close the beta client and try again, try from the regular client, send a restart to Windows from the settings on the top left of the client.

  • I am experiencing the same issue as Campbell Jackson. In my opinion it's an issue with the beta client and not the cloud PC, as I am able to connect to my cloud PC with no issues using the standard client right away.

    No matter what configuration options I select, the beta client keeps displaying that error message even though it gets all 3 green ticks when I click start. Please advise what else I can try, I would really like to make use of the new features.

  • Me too, sadly. i want to use the new features soon....

  • Hello,
    As a reminder, you can of course experience some bugs in the beta version of Shadow, the apps and the Box.
    Please do not contact the Customer Support if the problem is caused by a beta version.
    Instead, please try to find help on our Discord or go back to stability on the official versions.

  • Apologies I thought the whole point of having Beta builds was to gather feedback from customers and this seemed the official way to do it...

  • Hello,
    No problem, you can give your feedbacks on our Discord servers, our developers are pretty active there.

  • Im unable to get my Shadow started, it was working fine. Why are these updates mandatory? I've been waiting 20 minutes for it to start.

  • Hello,
    These updates are going to improve everything for Shadow.
    Your experience will be better than ever once everything is correctly in place.
    In the mean time, you may experience some bugs.
    We are sorry for it, don't hesitate to share your feedbacks on Discord.
    Thanks a lot for your patience and comprehension.

  • Hello
    I am getting also this "Your Shadow is still booting" this is my first use
    I did not understand anything from this sets of commentary
    What i am supposed to do ?
    And why is this happening ?

  • Hi,

    I am having the same issue, worked fine the first time then every other time I am having this message... Tried Restart windows, Restart service without any success. I 've been waiting 20 min at the maximum

  • Hello, I am having the same issue as @jd hbh it worked for the first time then it stopped working, i have tried everything to fix it, it just doesnt work, I have tried a different PC and network, it worked, but I am not able to use that PC/Network since they are not mine... please tell me how to fix this.

  • Same as @Martin Williams, right now on my laptop is working but on my PC it does not, and i am using the same network for both

  • If you for some reason the Shadow client can't run at the resolution it is set to on your client machine, you will see the "shadow is still booting" message. Even if your client can run the resolution, but if you have an old graphics card, apparently their shadow software can't support all older graphics cards at all resolutions. You have to log into Shadow with another more modern machine, and change the resolution to something lower. That is the only time I see the "shadow is still booting" message, when I accidentally leave shadow at a higher resolution than 1080p, and then try to open the client on another machine with an older graphics card (even though the older machine can run natively at 1440p.).


  • Edit, thanks but it worked once then it broke again I lowered the resolution then tried it worked now shut downed to edit stream settings same error :(

  • I have the same issue. Tried the resolution, restarting windows and shadow, etc. Unfortunately, not working.

  • I have the same issue mines not working how do I fix this I just bought and only used it once and now it crashed please can I have some help

  • I've just raised a ticket for the same issue. Been trying sporadically for over an hour now, no luck.

  • Restarting your own computer, could fix the problem. It's seems to be something with the shadow app.

  • Hi all, I don't know about you guys, but I am still having the problem... I am also 100% sure that the message saying "your shadow is still booting" isn't accurate because I can see that a program I have installed is up and running meaning that we should be able to access shadow.

    Can we get some shadow support on this?

  • I encountered the problem several times now, including 10 minutes ago. Every times it happened to me before, nothing found on Internet worked (reboot PC / app / stream, changing resolution , CGU driver update, etc). The thing that worked for me : uninstall / reinstall the app. Weirdly most of the times it booted in 800*600 and had no more drivers for the 1080, that I had to reinstall through GeForce Experience.

    Today it didn't work, but strangely, the beta app did. Tried after that to relaunch via the stable version, nope, your shadow is booting, please wait.

    Hope this helps 

  • Hello everyone,

    FYI to all the new users around here : we did a massive software and hardware update earlier this month.
    Such a big update obviously breaks a few things in the process. But everything is progressively going back to normal.

    Some of you still are blocked onto a tiny bug that holds up to the fix. For this 2 solutions :
    - Send a shut down or a restart to your Shadow from the launcher (option tray next to the START button)
    - If it doesn't work, please contact the Customer Support using the contact button at the end of this page to get the problem manually fixed.

    Please be sure that we care about our users more than anything. Thus, even if the Support can take a bit of time to reply, it always comes back to you.

    Many thanks for your comprehension and patience.

  • I keep asking this question and not getting an answer.
    How do I copy 220 GB of photos off my Shadow C drive?

    I have tried dropbox, one drive and google drive and none of these will work because the Shadow maps them all to the C Drive, so there is no more room for copying this files.

    In other words these cloud drives become a subdirectory inside the OS C drive.

    You must have a solution to this simple problem but I can't seem to find anyone who can answer it!


  • Hello Otis,

    I replied to you where you previously asked this question.
    Again, such a problem is not related to Shadow but rather to Windows or how you install the cloud drive applications.

    Let's take Google Drive as an example :
    I think you try to install the Google Drive application on Shadow and then try to copy your 220Gb data inside the app, inside your hard drive, thus copying it twice : 2x220Gb = 440Gb = not enough storage.

    You need NOT to install the Google Drive app on your Shadow :
    - Just open a web browser
    - Connect to you Google Drive account (where you have a subscription giving you access to 250Gb+ storage capacity)
    - Drag and drop your 220Gb data from your file explorer to your Google Drive account inside the web browser

  • @Otis Ryder Expirebox + .rar ? This should work

  • That seems too simple but I will try it. Will this work with One Drive and Dropbox too?

  • If you're talking about my explanation, yes, it's the same with all cloud storage service.

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