Shadow cannot detect my USB device


Shadow can detect most devices, such as mice, keyboards, keypads, and other gaming equipment, as long as your device is plugged into a USB 3.0 port. If Shadow is not detecting your device, we recommend enabling USB over IP. Enabling USB over IP is also a great way to take advantage of additional features Shadow may not detect, such as macros or DPI settings.

USB over IP is only available in the Windows 64-bit beta version of Shadow. To download the beta version, refer to My Account > Applications.

Note: Most devices should be compatible with Shadow, although some devices may require high upload speeds.

 Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10

Close Shadow before you continue. 


Enable USB over IP

  1. Open the Shadow launcher, then click Options > Various.

  2. Next to USB over IP, turn the switch on.

  3. Plug the device into a USB 3.0 port, then click Start.
    If you're not sure whether your device offers USB 3.0 support, try plugging your device into different ports.

  4. When Shadow is open, click USB Devices, located at the top-left corner of the window.

    If this menu is not visible to you, press CTRL+WIN+F to exit.

  5. Click on the device you want to use. When a device is selected, a checkmark next to the device appears. If this is the first time Shadow has detected this device, Windows begins installing drivers for the device.

Tip: To ensure your device will work with Shadw, your device's drivers may need to be installed on both your personal computer, phone, or tablet and Shadow. If your device does not work locally, it may not work on Shadow.

Issue not resolved

If you've enabled USB over IP, but your device did not appear under "USB Devices", it's possible USB over IP was not installed correctly. This next section covers how to reinstall the package for USB over IP.

To reinstall USB over IP:

  1. Open File Explorer Windows_Explorer.png

  2. Enter the file path:


  3. Double-click the file UsbDk_1.0.19_x64.
    The program name may vary depending on which version is installed.

Your device should now reappear under the "USB Devices" menu. If Shadow is still not detecting your device or your device is not functioning properly, email us

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