There is no video signal from my Shadow box


In case you encounter a black screen i.e. before the login page Shadow, there are several solutions to be tested:

  • Check that the screen is turned on and connected to the Shadow box
  • Test another cable between the Shadow box and the screen
  • Test another port on the screen
  • If the screen is a TN panel, try another screen
  • Test without an adapter

If none of these solutions work, do not hesitate to contact Support by specifying the following information:

  • Type of connection (optical fiber, coaxial cable, ASDL)
  • Speedtest from a local device
  • Internet service provider
  • Date and time of appearance of the problem
  • Client version number
  • Streamer version number
  • Server version number
  • Version number of your NVIDIA drivers
  • Client type (box, Windows, Mac OS, Android)
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