Black screen in Overwatch


When you experience a black screen while playing the game Overwatch, the below instructions may help solve your problem.

  • Make sure your Windows is updated
  • Update the NVIDIA drivers
  • Disable in the Windows settings, everything that belongs to the Games menu (game bar, DVR game, game mode). Untick all the boxes per Game tab.



  • Reset in-Game options in the Overwatch settings in the launcher (PTR and official server) then reset the launcher





  • Restart Windows
  • Disable any application that creates an overlay
  • Launch the game and do not change the default graphics settings in the options.

You can now enjoy Overwatch again!

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  • I tried everything in this article and I'm still getting a black screen. I also tried disabling fullscreen optimization for Overwatch.exe.

    Joining any Retribution Event match results in a Black Screen after loading is complete.
    The practice range seems to work fine, though.

    Does anyone have any solutions not mentioned in this article?

  • This still doesn't fix the issue. Black screen with a small blue box in the top left on everything apart from the Practice Range.

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