Error message: “Your Shadow is under maintenance. Please try again later.”


When you start Shadow and you are seeing the error message “My Shadow is under maintenance”, you are receiving this error message because there is actual maintenance in progress.

During maintenance, you will not be able to access to Shadow for a few minutes.
You must wait until maintenance is finished before trying to access Shadow.

Maintenance sessions are announced through our Newsletter by email and our social network.

Please make sure to check your Junk folders in your mailbox. 

If you are unable to find any announcements regarding maintenance, please contact Support.

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  • I am experiencing this issue at the moment.

    There is no email of any maintenance and when logging in from my laptop my credentials are no longer valid.

    When logging in from Shadow box it comes up with the maintenance message.

  • I also did not have any email regarding any maintenance. Just now, somehow, when I tried to login, it has this message. I even noticed a typo, instead of Your Shadow, it says You Shadow. On my MacOS app.

  • Also, I have waited longer than a few minutes. Maybe about 30 minutes now. Anything going on??

  • Hello Ismail and Adrian,
    Thanks for noticing the typo, it's going to be fixed asap.
    From your app, you can restart your Shadow's Windows by clicking on the white arrow next to the red START button.
    If it doesn't fix the issue, please contact customer support.

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