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Despite its simplicity, Shadow is still a young and new technology with some setups that require your attention. This guide is designed to help you use Shadow in the right way to avoid any problems that may occur.

Any problems specifically related to Windows, games or software are not always caused by Shadow. Nevertheless, if they are critical, our Shadow Customer Support will be happy to help you further.




Reminders / Not recommended for Shadow / Troubleshooting / Image / Sound & Mic


Connecting devices and first boot / Important reminders / Colors


Incompatible peripherals / Common error messages


Minimum requirements / Download version / Shortcuts


Download version / Shortcuts / Black stripes


Download version / Important reminders / Install app for Android TV







  • A stable connection of 15Mb/s down minimum is required
  • The usage of an Ethernet cable is recommended
  • Multi-screen, VR and additional storage are currently under development
  • Windows 10 is the only OS available inside Shadow
  • Shut down Windows, a game or software program is always more efficient than reboot
  • Don’t forget to ask for help from our English speaking community on Discord




Origin of numerous problems, it can required the intervention of our Customer Support


  • Antivirus not recommended

Certain anti-virus programs may block a service like Shadow. Windows Defender is recommended for daily use. If you wish to use an antivirus, our partner F-Secure offers additional security, or you can refer to our compatible antivirus list

  • VPN

A VPN disrupts the use of Shadow and blocks access to your account

  • PLC

Power-line communication is unstable and leads to network packet loss.

  • Pirates video games and softwares

Pirating games and software is illegal. They can damage Windows in Shadow and block access to your account completely

  • Mining and Crypto-currencies

Mining and cryptocurrency activities are prohibited as stated in our Terms of Use. Mining considerably damages the Shadow equipment.

  • Disable Shadow services and components

This may immediately block access to the service and requires our intervention.

  • Modify Windows registry or BIOS

This will interfere with Shadow’s operations or can completely cut off access which requires our intervention.



No image or no sound

Image or sound sizzling, blocked or desynchronized

Peripherals are not working

Features impossible to use

  • Restart streaming - Fixes almost all small issues
    • Box = Find it in the control panel by just pressing once on the power button
    • Windows / Mac OS = Find it in the tool bar
    • Android = Find it in the control panel by clicking on the Shadow logo


Completely blocked

  • Shut down - The Shadow Box or app, or Shut down Windows on the Shadow


Shadow app, game, or software won’t run

  • Uninstall / Reinstall - If it is blocked or runs unusually


USB unrecognized or not working

  • Unplug / Re-plug - Maybe it just needs its own reboot

Shadow is slow

  • Free some storage - A full hard drive can slow down any computer and create long loading times

Shadow takes too much time to boot

  • Automatic start-ups - Too many automatic start-ups software can slow Windows booting.
    • Right click on the Windows logo on the bottom hand left corner
    • Click on “Task manager
    • Go the the “start-up” tab
    • Select unnecessary software (such as Steam)
    • Click on “Disable” on the bottom hand right corner of the window
    • Repeat for every unnecessary software
    • Do not disable Windows Defender nor TightVNC


Other problem not related to Shadow

  • Check the internet - A specific and unrelated problem usually has a solution on some website. Also don’t forget to ask our community on Discord



Set the right Resolution

  • It should be the same on Shadow as the screen used
  • Go the the desktop and right click on the wallpaper
  • Then click on “Display settings
  • Set the resolution of the screen

Set the right Refresh Rate / Frequency

  • The frequency (in Hz) should be the same or lower on Shadow as the screen used
  • Go the the desktop and right click on the wallpaper
  • Click on “Nvidia control panel” then on “Change resolution
  • Set a frequency lower or equal to the screen frequency

Warning : Using high frequencies requires an excellent internet access. If the image is sizzles or has frame jumps, it means the internet access is not powerful enough to run the chosen frequency. The resolution or the frequency must be lowered.

Impossible to set a new resolution / Blocked in 800x600 / GPU - graphic card disabled

  • Right click on the Windows logo on the bottom hand left corner
  • Click on “Devices manager
  • Double click on “”Display adapters
  • Right clic on the Nvidia graphic card and click on “Activate
  • A new resolution can now be set as previously explained




Sound or mic loss

  • Right click on the sound icon on the bottom hand right corner
  • Open the audio or recording devices manager
  • Select the right device (headphones, screen…)
  • Click on “By default”, then click on “OK

Warning : A mic requires an excellent internet access. If the mic sizzles, it means the internet access is not powerful enough to use it.






Connecting devices and first boot

  • First, plug an Ethernet cable
  • Then, plug a screen using the provided HDMI/DP video cable
  • Plug mouse and keyboard in the front USB ports of the box
  • Finally, plug the power adapter (first to the box, then to the power line)
  • Press to power button to boot


Important reminders

  • The front USB ports (in black) accept the mouse and keyboard only
  • The back USB ports (in blue) are made for any other peripherals (controller, headphones, mic, external storage, USB key, webcam…)
  • Keyboards and mouse devices with special settings (LEDs, drivers, shortcuts, macros) must be plugged in the back USB ports (in blue)



It is possible to configure the contrast of the image by enabling the feature “Colorimetry compensation” in the control panel

  • Plug the mouse in the front USB ports of the box
  • Open the control with a single click on the power button
  • Check the box “Colorimetry compensation
  • Close the control panel with again a single click on the power button or clicking on “Close” at the top







Incompatible peripherals (January 2018)

  • Sound capture (external mic, headphone mic…)
  • Image capture (camera, webcam, acquisition card)
  • External storage (USB keys, external harddrive, NAS…)

Note : compatibility for the above  peripherals is currently under development



Common error messages



"Your Shadow is under maintenance. Please try again later"

If the Shadow account is not under maintenance, please contact Customer Support.


"Another Shadow instance is running"

The application is launched or installed multiple times on the computer. You must uninstall the Shadow application from the computer and reinstall it (see below).


"Oops! We could not reach your Shadow, please try again later."

Windows is starting up or updating. Please leave the application and wait a few moments before relaunching.


“The version of your streaming server is outdated.”

The Android application might not be up to date. If so, uninstall and reinstall the app version (see below).


“It seems that your configuration is unable to run Shadow normally.”

The Windows system does not seem to meet the minimum recommended specifications (see below) or is equipped with an incompatible graphics card that must be disabled in the Device Manager.







Minimum requirements

  • Windows 7 - 32 bits or above
  • Processor from 2011-2012 or more recent
  • Nvidia GPU recommended
  • AMD GPU from 2012 or more recent (if incompatible with Shadow; to be disabled)


Download version

  • Right click on the Windows logo on the bottom hand left corner
  • Click on “System” and go to “System type
  • “64-bit operating system” or “32-bit operating system”



  • Ctrl + Win + F : toggle full screen mode
  • Ctrl + Win + G : toggle gaming mode, can fix any cursor issue





Download version

  • Click on the Apple logo on the top hand left corner
  • Click on “About this Mac” and go to “Version
  • With a 2011 or more recent Mac and a 10.10 version or above, download the Shadow app for Mac OS


Shortcuts of the Mac OS app

  • option + command + F : toggle full screen mode
  • option + command + M : toggle gaming mode and blocks the screen edges
  • option + command + Q : close the app


Black bands → Set the right 16:10 Mac OS

  • Go to the Windows desktop on Shadow and right click on the wallpaper
  • Click on “Nvidia control panel” and the on “Change resolution
  • Click on “Personalize” at the bottom, then click on “Create a personalized resolution
  • Depending on the Mac and the internet access set a personalized 16/10 resolution
  • Click on “Try” then on “OK
  • Select the personalized resolution and click on “Apply






Download version

  • Go to the Android device settings
  • At the end of the list click on “About this phone” and go to “Android version
  • With a 5.0 version or above, download the Shadow app for Android on the Play Store


Important reminders

  • Control panel - Accessible with a single click on the Shadow logo on the screen
  • Pinch to zoom - Activate this feature in the settings menu of the Control panel
  • Virtual keyboard - Accessible in the Control panel
  • Chromecast is not yet compatible
  • Shadow Beyond and Shadow iOS are under development
  • Recommended controller - Official Microsoft Xbox One Bluetooth
  • Recommended smartphone holder - MP Power holder



Shadow app for Android on Android TV

  • Connect the Android TV and a local computer to the same Google account
  • Go the the Play Store with the computer
  • Click on “Install” and open the tab “Select a device
  • Select the Android TV and click on “Install
  • The app is now installed on the Android TV in the “Games” category


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