How do I update my NVIDIA drivers?


Click on the links below:

How to update my Nvidia (GTX 1080) drivers

How to update my Nvidia drivers (P5000)


Warning : before proceeding, you must first restart Windows


How to update my Nvidia (GTX 1080) drivers

First, make sure you have the Nvidia GeForce Experience software. You can check this by going to the Windows Start menu and simply search the software “GeForce Experience”. If there is a search result this means you have the GeForce Experience app and nothing else needs to be done. If not, you can download the software here.

Once verified, launch GeForce Experience and log in (or create an account if necessary) then go to the Drivers tab on the top left.gef1.PNG

Press the button at the top right to check if there are any updates.


If an update is available then the Download button will appear on the screen. Proceed with downloading the update.


Once the download is complete, selecting Quick Install to install the driver.


When the installation is complete, all you have to do is restart Shadow and it’s done!





Before proceeding,
you must restart Windows.


How to update my Nvidia drivers (P5000)

Go to the website here.

Select the options just as we have it here:

  1. Product Type: Quadro
  2. Product Series: Quadro Series
  3. Product: Quadro P5000
  4. Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit
  5. Download Type: Optimal Driver for Enterprise (ODE)
  6. Language: English (US)


After you fill out the above form:

  • Click SEARCH.
  • Click DOWNLOAD when the page is loaded.
  • Follow the prompts and select Quick Install when asked.
  • It should automatically restart; if not, go ahead and restart Windows from the start menu.
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