Installing antivirus on Shadow


Shadow is still a relatively new product, and as a result, some antivirus applications may conflict with Shadow's operations. Antivirus applications can cause issues with Shadow's performance or even shut down your Shadow altogether. 

To prevent issues, we ask that you do not install antivirus applications within onto your Shadow client, with the exception of Windows Defender and F-Secure. Windows Defender is integrated with Windows 10, making this application safe to use (unless otherwise indicated). If you're not interested in Windows Defender, F-Secure has partnered with Shadow to provide our users the best protection without interference. Because both antivirus applications and Shadow are constantly evolving, these are the only two applications Shadow can recommend.

If your antivirus has detected or blocked Shadow, this is a false positive; a result that occurs when a safe application is wrongfully flagged as malicious. False positives are very common, and your antivirus provider can help resolve them with your feedback.

To prevent your antivirus from blocking Shadow, whitelist the file Shadow.exe. Your antivirus may have a feature which lets you exclude the file or create an exception.

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