Installing antivirus on Shadow


Currently, not all antivirus programs are compatible with Shadow. Some antivirus programs detect the Shadow service as abnormal and block them automatically. If this happens, it could result in slow to no startup or even immediate shutdown of the service.

It is difficult to guarantee if a particular antivirus program will work because the architecture of Shadow is continuously updating and evolving.

However the below programs are known to be compatible with Shadow at the moment:

  • F-Secure
  • Windows Defender

We have a partnership with F-Secure which ensures that Shadow services will never be interrupted by a firewall. Windows Defender being a Microsoft product directly integrated with Windows 10, will not cause a machine lockout except in the case of manual interference.

If your Shadow is blocked due to the installation of an antivirus that is not named in the above list, please contact our Support team and specify the name of the antivirus installed, as well as the version.

Note on Windows Shadow application: On your local computer, make sure to white list the Shadow.exe program to minimize the risk of incompatibility.

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