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This article lists a few usages that are incompatible with Shadow. We strongly advise against these as they can greatly impact the experience of Shadow and even block your account.

  • Reinstalling Windows: Please check the page Windows Reset to learn more about the correct steps to reset your Windows.

  • Installing an antivirus: Only a few antivirus programs work with Shadow, please find the list here.

  • Using a VPN: This can affect our services greatly.

  • Removing components: Removing the graphics card or the network card will immediately stop the service and should be avoided at all times.

  • Changes in the registry: Changing some options of the Windows registry can disable some services. It is therefore not recommended to modify the registry. Pay particular attention to the CCleaner software, which may automatically change the registry in some cases.

  • Deleting Blade programs: Several programs run in the background are necessary for the proper functioning of the service. Please do not remove these services.

  • Changing the BIOS: Changing the BIOS can have considerable impact on the functionality of Shadow. If however you lose access to your Shadow due to mishandling, we are forced to reset your Shadow, which results in the loss of your data.

  • Mining of cryptocurrencies: It is not allowed to mine cryptocurrencies as described in our Terms of Service. Mining is an operation that causes enormous damage to the hardware and consumes a lot of power. Shadow is a PC for everyday use and not intended for mining.

  • Torrenting and downloading  illegal content: Downloading using torrents are prohibited as described in our Terms and Conditions and per the French Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978.

  • Overclocking your Shadow: Using the components to overclock your Shadow are susceptible to breakdowns and is therefore forbidden. Whether through BIOS handling or  the graphics card.

If you encounter a problem after doing any of the above actions, be sure to mention this when reporting your problem to Support.

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  • Please add, that Virtual Machines are not supported.

  • Installing an antivirus: Only a few antivirus programs work with Shadow, please find the list here.

    The link on the 'here' does not work bros :)

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