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Shadow requires the right conditions to offer the best experience possible and show its true performance. This guide provides some useful advice to avoid any latency while using Shadow for gaming.

Don’t forget to check the Beginner's guide for further tips on how to configure your devices to use Shadow properly.



  • Connect the Shadow box or device using an Ethernet cable rather than WiFi

A WiFi connection can be unstable.

  • Plug mouse and keyboard in the front USB port of the Shadow Box

As for WiFi, Bluetooth can be unstable depending on the peripheral and its features.

  • Check the condition of your cables

Plug the cables in a different device to check their condition.



  • Disconnect other devices from the local internet

Using multiple devices on the same internet connection can use up more bandwidth

  • Lower the bandwidth usage

In the Shadow Box control panel or in the apps settings, match this to your Internet connection's capacity.

  • Enable the Automatic Bandwidth feature

For the connection to adapt automatically to your connection, change this in the app launcher or in the Shadow Box control panel.

  • Unplug mic, webcam or external storage

These devices require a good internet connection and create latency if the connection is not stable enough.



  • Set the right resolution and refresh rate

This optimizes the use of Shadow and your internet connection. Check our Beginner's guide for help.

  • Enable / Disable the Gamer mode on Mac, Android TV and normal TV

Check our Beginner's guide for help.

  • Install games directly on the Shadow storage instead of external storage

External storage requires a strong internet connection.

  • Disable V-sync in games

The V-Sync option consumes more GPU.

Always update to benefit from the latest fixes and optimized overall performance.

  • Avoid these actions in Shadow

Find the list of Not recommended for Shadow here, this list contains uses that can seriously disrupt the functionality of Shadow and even block your access.

  • Disable the local GPU 

Some old graphics cards may not be compatible with the Windows Shadow application.

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